May 23, 2024

Kerwin Frost Happy Meal Toys


Limited-Edition Surprise: Blind-box mystery, nostalgia throwback, and collector’s craze.

What’s a set worth?

A complete set of 6 characters (not including the Golden Nugget) in sealed condition is worth $35.

Currently trending at a selling price of $34.99 inclusive of free shipping.


McDonald’s released the Kerwin Frost Happy Meal Toys in a Box as an Adult Happy Meal in December 2023.

It’s a limited-time meal that comes with 6 collectible toys called McNugget Buddies designed by artist Kerwin Frost.

The meal includes your choice of Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, and a medium drink.

The Kerwin Frost Box was available at participating McDonald’s for a limited time. The set includes the rare Golden Nugget.

How many McNugget Buddies are there to collect?

There are 6 main McNugget Buddy characters to collect. There is also a rare (and unacknowledged) Golden Nugget character.

Each toy box has a number code on the bottom that tells you what is inside.

Ask the cashier to check for you, they may not be aware of it.

Kerwin Frost Toys Identification Guide

TCB – 038 (Darla)
TCB – 828 (Brrrick)
TCB – 514 (Kerwin Frost)
TCB – 651 (Uptown Moe)
TCB – 447 (Waffutu)
TCB – 865 (Don Bernice)

TCB – 775 (Golden Nugget – not shown)

Kerwin Frost

Elected as Frost Way’s mayor, he consistently stands by his companions. Box Number: TCB-514



Lead Singer of The Frostettos! She moved to Frost Way to become a superstar. Box Number: TCB-038



The Princess of Positivity! She makes dreams come true with her magic wand. Box Number: TCB-447


Uptown Moe

The Local’s Local of Frost Way. As the town’s mascot, he wears the city on his sleeve. Box Number: TCB-651


Don Bernice

Wise & Witty Stylist. She creates all of the outfits for the Buddies of Frost Way. Box Number: TCB-865



Self-Proclaimed “Cool” Guy. The most energetic of the buddies, he’s cool. Box Number: TCB-828


What Kerwin Frost merchandise is available?

In addition to the Happy Meal Toys, merchandise is available in collaboration with McDonald’s.

Kerwin Frost has collaborated with McDonald’s to release a limited edition collection of merchandise.

The collection includes a unique silhouette shoe called the Fry Guy, which is priced at $119.99 and is available exclusively on

The shoe is constructed of injected EVA foam to provide lightweight durability and includes 2 additional layers of EVA foam in the footbed for superior comfort. The sole features a unique repeating Golden Arches pattern that provides traction, and TPU detailing on the eyes, eyebrows, and Golden Arches on the heel1.In addition to the Fry Guy, the collection includes official t-shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatpants, accessories, gifts, and more.

Some of the items available include the McNugget Buddies Sketch Tee, the We Love to See You Smile Windbreaker, the Frost Way Mesh Shorts, and the McNugget Buddies Paneled Longsleeve (Red).

The Kerwin Frost Box is also available, which is a meal with your favorites, featuring a limited-edition McNugget Buddy collectible designed by Kerwin Frost himself

The collection is available starting December 11, 2023, at participating McDonald’s restaurants and on

Kerwin Frost x McDonald’s Official Store | Just Fresh Kicks Chew Boom | McDonald’s

Who is Kerwin Frost?

Kerwin Frost is an American entertainer, DJ, talk show host, and comedian. He first rose to prominence in New York City’s Soho Youth streetwear scene. Frost was raised in public housing in Harlem and became interested in fashion and music at a young age.

He is known for his viral video content and unplanned interviews with recognized pop culture celebrities. Frost has also worked with Kanye West to create three video content pieces for West: the West’s Wyoming listening party, his Kids See Ghosts listening party, and the Kardashian-Jenner-West Christmas Party.

Frost founded the Spaghetti Boys, a collective of artists, DJs, and content creators, alongside Ray Martinez. The two met at the Harlem public housing development they both lived in.

The Spaghetti Boys released fashion collaborations with Off-White and Heron Preston, as well as promotional material for Nike Air. The collective regularly hosted free all-ages parties at venues across the city such as Milk Studios and Overthrow Boxing Gym.

Frost is also known for his distinctive pencil design tattoo that runs the entire length of his right cheek!

Kerwin Frost’s McDonald’s McNugget Buddies: A Happy Meal Mystery Unboxed

In 2023, McDonald’s Happy Meals took a stylish turn with the arrival of the Kerwin Frost McNugget Buddies.

This unique collaboration brought the whimsical vision of fashion icon and musician Kerwin Frost to the iconic cardboard boxes, sparking excitement among toy collectors and McDonald’s enthusiasts alike.

Six Quirky Characters:

The McNugget Buddies collection wasn’t your typical set of Happy Meal toys. Instead, it featured six quirky characters, each embodying Kerwin Frost’s playful and eclectic aesthetic:

  1. Darla
  2. Brrrk
  3. Kerwin Frost
  4. Bernice
  5. Uptown Moe
  6. Waffutu

Mystery Factor:

Adding to the excitement, each Happy Meal contained a mystery McNugget Buddy. You wouldn’t know which character you’d get until you opened the box, transforming the meal into a delightful surprise. This element of surprise fueled the collecting frenzy, with everyone hoping to snag the elusive Waffutu or a rare golden Kerwin Frost figure.

More Than Just Toys:

The McNugget Buddies weren’t just plastic playthings; they were interactive companions. Each figure came with:

  • Customizable Expressions: Change your buddy’s mood with interchangeable eyes or facial features.
  • Sticker Fun: Deck out your furry (or scaly) friend with themed stickers for a personalized touch.
  • Character Cards: Learn fun facts about each buddy and their unique personalities.

A Nostalgic Throwback:

The Kerwin Frost McNugget Buddies also evoked a sense of nostalgia for older McDonald’s Happy Meal enthusiasts. The blind-box format harkened back to classic toy lines like Beanie Babies, while the quirky characters resonated with Kerwin Frost’s dedicated fanbase.

A Limited-Edition Delight:

Unfortunately, the Kerwin Frost McNugget Buddies were a limited-edition release, available only for a short period in 2023. However, their impact continues to be felt in the collector community. Complete sets and individual figures can still be found online, often at inflated prices due to their rarity and popularity.

The McNugget Buddies’ legacy is one of unexpected joy and playful creativity. They brought a unique artistic vision to the Happy Meal experience, reminding us that even the smallest surprises can spark excitement and delight.

I hope this article gives you a glimpse into the whimsical world of the Kerwin Frost McNugget Buddies. Whether you were lucky enough to collect them all or simply appreciate their quirky charm, they remain a memorable chapter in the ever-evolving story of McDonald’s Happy Meals.

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